We don’t just deal with horses, we have a wide variety of animals to offer a unique environment

Carmen the Cow


Carmen is a 5 year old Jersey Cow we rescued in 2016. Jersey cows are a small breed of dairy cattle that are known for their affectionate nature. Carmen definitely embodies that and loves spending time with kids and volunteers being groomed and given a bath.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our herd of goats came to us in 2015 as weanlings. The Nigerian dwarf is a miniature dairy goat from West Africa. These guys are very goofy and playful and love running around with the kids. Their names are Remy, Dante, Chester and Moo Moo.



Crystal and MaeMae love interacting with children and are a highlight of our programs, especially for the younger kids!



Daphne and Scooby are Suri alpacas native to South American and their fiber is used primarily for producing fine textiles. We rescued them in 2015 and while they are a shy animals, Scooby and Daphne love roaming around the barn and getting baths in the summer to cool down!

Chickens and Ducks

Our flock of birds offer a unique way to interact with farm animals. They provide us with an opportunity to explore the full spectrum of farm life for children, from feeding and caring for to collecting eggs every day.

New and Upcoming for 2018

The CKE Farm strives to improve and add new elements every year. As always the spring weather will bring us new chicks and ducklings. We will also welcome a baby sheep for the summer season. Stay tuned!

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