CK Equestrian has a wonderful string of lesson horses and also takes in new horses for the program throughout the year.

Cece: One of the most sought after lessons horses, Cece can do it all! Her size and build make her an extremely comfortable ride for those just starting out and our advanced riders love her jumping and dressage experience.


Bambi: The wild mustang! Many of our riders throughout the years have learned from this sweet pony. She is now in retirement from advanced lessons but loves showing the ropes to our young beginner and special needs riders!

Pizza: The super pony as we like to call him, this sensitive guy loves to do it all! From packing around our walk/trot kiddos to flying around the jumping course with our advanced students. Once you get to know him you’ve got a friend for life! Pizza and Diego can often be found causing mischief together out in the paddock, they’re BFFs!

Jag: The schoolmaster every barn dreams of owning. With the personality to match his looks, he is a favorite around here! He enjoys working with beginner riders up to teaching them how to canter and master their first jumps. He’s also a Grandson of the famous Flicka!

Fabio: The pony ride master! You can easily tell where is name came from by is beautiful blonde locks. Fabio enjoys giving pony rides, helping out with summer camp and challenging some of our younger more advanced riders.





Fluff and Butters: Our resident mischievous minis! Fluff and Butters enjoy working with horsemanship kids and Pony Grooming Classes showing off the basics of horse handling and grooming. They’re a huge hit for birthday parties

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